Quick & Easy Lesson Creation
WYSIWYG Lesson Editor
Create lessons quickly and easily with an online lesson editor. Toggle back and forth between Edit and Preview mode to instantly see what your users will.
Interactive Instructions
Add interactive instructions to guide your users through their lesson. Place bite-sized coding snippets, point-in-time checkboxes, and code examples anywhere.
Automated Testing and Assessment
Evaluate user projects in hundreds of different ways. Provide them with an instant grade and useful feedback when they get stuck.
Non-Developers Welcome
Build courses even if you're not an advanced developer. Then send the data to hundreds of other platforms using Zapier.
Fully Interactive Lessons
Online Code Editor
Edit code in a familiar environment, with syntax highlighting, Vim / Emacs / Sublime key bindings, and multiple color themes.
Secure Sandboxed Environment
All code is executed in a sandboxed environment. Users can delete the entire filesystem and get a new one when they reload the page.
Full Xterm Terminal
Our in-browser terminal supports full Xterm, so any command line application will work in it. Your users will be blown away by the pretty colors.
Localhost Web Browser
Access your coding sandbox's local URL just by entering localhost. Supports ports, browser history, and page refreshes.
Advanced Testing Engine
Input / Output Tests
Test program input and output by streaming input to them and automatically verifying the output.
Browser Simulations
Automatically interact with a webpage to verify that elements and styles look and behave how they should.
File Patterns
Check the any file using regular expressions to check for code concepts and verify filesytem interactions.
Unit Tests
Test program logic directly using automated unit tests. Use an easy test template or build your own.
Command Tests
Check that a user has run a command in the last N commands. Useful for teaching Linux concepts.
Custom Tests
If we don't have a prebuilt test for it, use any open source testing library with our custom test creator.
Multi-Platform Embeds
Website Embeds
Embed lessons into any website with a single line of HTML. Persist user code so when they return to a webpage, their work is waiting for them.
Learning Platform Embeds
Add lessons to any LMS course using LTI. Supports automatic grade pushback.
Powerful Integrations
Measure Efficacy
Check how long it took for users to complete a step or lesson to highlight areas of improvement within your content.
Monitor Usage
Keep track of who is using your lessons and how much they are using them.
Deliver Certificates
Create certificates automatically on completion of a lesson or course.
Retrieve Grades
Access grading data, even if you're not using a learning platform.
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